At Alchemy Bicycle Company we design, engineer, and hand-build the finest bicycle frames available. Priding ourselves on commitment and quality, every Alchemy frame is fabricated by elite craftsmen, each dedicated to the time-consuming and demanding process of creating bicycles individually suited to their riders. Offering custom, semi-custom and stock options in carbon fiber, titanium, and stainless steel, Alchemy blends leading edge technology and processes with old world attention to detail and hands-on expertise. Every frame is purpose-built for performance and longevity, providing discerning riders myriad bespoke options along with immersive and personal service. Calling upon decades of experience, Alchemy sets the global frame building standard. Blending materials tried and true, advanced composites made in-house at our Denver production studio, and mastery and commitment in matching ride characteristics to both discipline and rider, each Alchemy frame represents the collective passion, craft and artistry of our dedicated team.

Whether carbon, steel or titanium, Alchemy uses advanced systems and processes to build frames for all cycling disciplines. Our contention is that hobbyists, enthusiasts and pros alike benefit from the added attention to detail and heirloom quality of a handmade, custom fitted frame.

We work with diverse materials, utilizing advanced systems to design heirloom quality custom bicycles for our loyal customers. We build frames perfectly suited to the needs and goals of our customers, striving to create value absent in mass production bikes. The true value of an Alchemy frame manifests as superior fit, enhanced durability and technical superiority.

We’re a collection of the intellectually curious. We’re tinkerers, designers, craftsmen and artisans collectively dedicated to delivering the best bike you’ve event ridden. Together our design and building experience spans from the first days of American mountain bike production to the refinement of carbon fiber as a staple material in high-performance bicycles. Owners of a diverse background, we strive to combine the qualities and performance benefits of classic handmade bicycles with cutting-edge materials and production technologies. Quality is an oft-repeated mantra in our Denver production studio. Taken by itself, quality is a multifaceted construct; it’s derived from the skill of the craftsman as well as the materials of the craft. It’s essential that both integrate at the highest level in order to meet and exceed a wide spectrum performance and discipline requirements, each ultimately determined by you, the rider. This is where we shine. The confluence of pride, passion and unrequited love of the bicycle itself produce uncommonly beautiful and capable bicycles. These bear the Alchemy headtube badge.

Every Alchemy frame is hand-crafted from of carbon fiber, stainless steel, or titanium.

We are Alchemy Bicycle Company, where technology meets craft.